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3D Models

Examples of some of the models I made over the course of my career - Not from any particular games.

Mudillo | Creature Model

A work in progress creature model being sculpted in Blender. Retopology, rigging and animation will also be done in Blender as a way of getting more experience with the software.

Experimenting with image planes/mesh cards for extra hair details.

mudillo concept art.png
milton model screenshot 4.PNG
milton model screenshot 2.PNG
Milton the Dog | Character Model

A character modeled and textured in 3ds Max, rigged + rendered in Maya. Its UV map was painted in Clip Studio Paint + Photoshop. Personal work.

milton map done.png
milton left eye map done.png
milton right eye map done.png
milton model screenshot 3.PNG
milton model sheet.png
Ostrich | Animal Model

An ostrich modeled and textured in 3ds Max, rendered in Maya. Its UV map was painted in Photoshop. Student work.

ostrich uvw map final.jpg
ostrich uvw map 2.jpg
Lantern | Object Model

A lantern model created in 3ds Max, UV map made in Photoshop. Student work. 

lantern textured.PNG
lantern wireframe.PNG
lantern uvw map copy.jpg
lantern uvw map.jpg
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