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"Who are you?"

Hello! I’m Veronica Hazen, a game artist from central Massachusetts. I go by LexiToons on most of my social media. I have been actively making art and writing stories since I was a child, where I strive to make it into a full career in my post-college life.

Currently a partial owner of IconicArtsLLP, an indie game studio developing GoobnBalloonsDX, a colorful arcade shoot em' up.

I was a Game Design student from Fitchburg State University who graduated in the Spring of 2021. I received a Bachelors of Science in Game Design with a Studio Art Minor.

I hope to improve my skills enough over the years so that I can make great games and work on exciting projects with other talented folks in the industry.

"As a game artist, what do you hope to bring to the table?"

Innovation and creativity. Many games these days are getting pumped out with no soul; monotonous, the same old, same old. I hope to invent fun characters and unique gameplay tied with their personalities to bring something new to this industry. Making lovable characters and charming narratives is something I'm very passionate about.

"What do you like to do the most in game design?"

Character modeling and illustration, whether it be concept art to fully rendered drawings, nothing makes me happier. The mere idea of coming up with a character, modeling, rigging, and watch them move and come to life is something magical.

"Favorite Games?"

Now that's a question - so many choices. Overall I'd say it's the Xenoblade Chronicles series. The unique setting in addition to the characters, worldbuilding, creature design, and gameplay style is very inspiring to me as an artist. The Pikmin series as well, the creature and environment design captivated me growing up.


Any games with large, open worlds with tons of stuff to do is very appealing. Some other favorites are Super Monkey Ball 1 & 2, Skyrim, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario, etc. Either big open world fantasy games or cartoony stuff is my jam.

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