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Carrot Quest is a 2D platformer where you play as Hopper the Rabbit. An evil wizard transformed his village's food supply into living beings where they escaped into the wild. Collect the sentient carrots scattered across the map to save his people from going hungry.

Roles: Created the initial concept, programmed the game, and made all the art. First solo game.


Programs Used: Unity Engine, Visual Studio 2017, Piskel, Adobe Photoshop.


Programming Language: C#

Project for Game Design Workshop at Fitchburg State University.

the game on

cc how to play.PNG
Hopper Idle .gif
Carrot Pickup.gif
cc ss 1.PNG
cc ss 2.PNG


cc ss 3.PNG
cc ss 4.PNG


Hopper Run.gif
Hopper Jump.gif
Hopper Idle .gif


Carrot Pickup.gif
Hopper Jump art for game.png


Flowers Bunch.png
Mossy Rock.png

Sprite Sheets

Hopper Jump.png
Hopper Run.png
Hopper Idle  - Copy.png
Carrot Pickup.png
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