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Play the original game here

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GoobnBalloons DX is a hand-drawn animated remake of GoobnBalloons - a retro arcade shooter, developed by IconicArts. It is currently in development and expected to release in 2023. A prototype build is available now.


Join Goobert and friends in this 2-player co-op schmup, and stop the balloon army! Experience beautiful hand-drawn environments, and heart pumping balloon gameplay! Alone or with a friend, family member, or pet with an odd ability to play video games - help Goobert save Goobstar from the evil balloons!

Roles: 2D Animator/Artist, UI Designer, Level Designer.


Programs Used: Unity Engine, Clip Studio Paint, Texture Packer GUI, Github.


GoobnBalloons DX was showcased at Boston FIG 2022.

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