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Snowflake Scramble is a 2D competitive collection game where players must build a snowman before their opponent does. They must run around collecting snowflakes while simultaneously avoiding falling hazards. Players will have a snow meter indicating how much snow they have collected, and will have to deposit that snow every now and then to gradually build their snowman. If a hazard makes contact with the player, their snow meter will drop to zero, and you will have to collect more snow to deposit. First person to complete their snowman wins.

Roles: 2D Artist, Player Animator, Environment Art, Concept art. Created initial concept.


Programs Used: Unity Engine, Visual Studio 2017, Piskel, Adobe Photoshop.


Programming Language: C#

Project for Game Design Workshop at Fitchburg State University. Was available to play at Pax East 2019.

SS Player 2 Idle .gif
SS Player 1 Hurt.gif

the game on

Snowflake Scramble screenshot 1.jpg
Snowflake Scramble screenshot 2.jpg

Concept Art

Snowman Game Example.png



SS Background.png
SS Player 2 Snow 3 .gif
SS Player 2 Snow 1.gif
SS Player 2 Snow 2 .gif
SS Player 2 Idle .gif
SS Player 2 .gif
SS Player 2 Putting Snow on Snowman .gif
SS Player 2 Hurt.gif
SS Player 1 Snow 2.gif
SS Player 1 Hurt.gif
SS Player 1 Snow 1.gif
SS Player 1.gif
SS Player 1 Snow 3.gif
SS Player 1 Idle.gif
SS Player 1 Putting Snow on Snowman.gif
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