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True Love's Checkout is a 2D visual novel comedy game.


You're an employee at Mall-Wart, a supermarket that's on the verge of closing down. You and your co-worker Belle are the only ones working there, and are determined to bring the store back to it's glory days! Give your customers good service by bagging their items and listening to their conversations. If your service is good enough, they may even come back...

Bagging - Click and drag on an item as it comes across the belt, and release the Left-Click button once the item is on top of the bag. When there are at least 2 items in a bag, click on the New Bag button to make a new bag.
Conversations - Listen to the customer's conversations and answer their questions by clicking on one of the two options that pop up on screen.

Roles: 2D Character/Concept art, Environment Art, Item Art, Narrative.

Programs Used: Unity Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint.

Programming Language: C#

Project for Fitchburg State University's Fall 2020 Game Jam.

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Character Art

rex concept art.png
Virgil Chadlington character sheet.png
long haired lesley character sheet.png


conversation background for website.png
prologue bg.png
workin on it.PNG

Confession Art

rex confession.png
lesley confession.png
virgil confession.png
silhouettes 2.png

Special Items

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2 flannel shirts.png
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