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Project Lullaby is a 2D rhythm-based role-playing game set in a fantasy world of felines. The combat demo is now available on

Roles: 2D Animator, 2D Artist, UI Designer, Level Designer, Narrative.


Programs Used: Unity Engine, Clip Studio Paint, Texture Packer GUI, Github.


Project Lullaby was showcased at Made in MA and Fitchburg State University's Visions Showcase in 2022.


Started around October 2020 as a student side project. Project Lullaby is a multi-school collaboration, featuring students and alumni from Fitchburg State University, MassArt, and Berklee College. The project would then become an independent study class for the group members still attending college in Fall 2021, while I assist as an alumni.

For Level Design I created the Great Tree and Great Tree West Levels, where they were passed onto the technical artist for the final lighting.

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Screenshot (117).png
Screenshot (116).png
Screenshot (119).png

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Concept Art
and Illustrations

UI/2D Assets

Boss idle for website.gif
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Enemy Turn UI wip2.gif
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