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Concept Art and Illustrations

Chop Concept Art: Chop is a lumbercat and one of the main protagonists of the game. It's his job to cut down the trees in the miasma forest while his friend Lydia watches his back. The forest is riddled with terrifying monsters that could kill them at any moment - it's a dangerous job with very little pay.

chop concept.png
Chop audition.png
happy chop.png
chop depression 2.png
trash chop.png
chop is a mood.png
baby boy.png
chop is a mood white.png

Lydia Concept Art: Lydia is a guardcat and one of the main protagonists of the game. It's her job to defend her lumbercat partner Chop from incoming monsters while he's focused on cutting the wood. She's the ranged attacker while Chop is close-combat. 

lydia model sheet sketch.png
lydia doodle.png

Bestiary Concept Art: Various illustrations and concepts of enemies from the game. Some designs have been changed over time.

nugget vibes.png
nuggieeee i love him sideview.png
nuggieeee i love him.png
nugget  concepts.png
nugget bonus.png
big spooky monster.png
armor nugget concept.png
armor enemy beta.png
flying enemy beta.png
stationary enemy.png
boss concept tall.png

Other Character Sketches: NPC cat designs and early sketches of Chip the shopkeeper.

chef cat.png

Early Overworld Concept Art: We were tasked at coming up with designs for the overall atmosphere of the game and mine was chosen as the base moving forward. Other artists would redesign the forest assets and overworld character designs.

textbox test 2.png
overworld concept.png
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